Collection: NANNA BIJOUX

Nanna Bijoux is a jewelry brand established by Eleonora Si-Lang in 2022, specializing in handcrafted jewelry made from recycled silver and gold. The brand name is a tribute to Eleonora's late mother, Nanna, who passed away when she was young, and serves as a way for her to keep her mother's memory alive in everything she creates.

Nanna Bijoux is not just a jewelry brand, but a labor of love and a tribute to a cherished loved one. Eleonora's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, combined with her passion for art and design, results in a collection of unique and beautiful jewelry pieces that are both meaningful and stylish. With Nanna Bijoux, Eleonora carries her mother's legacy and spirit with her in all her creations, making each piece a tribute to the power of love and memory.